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filming subs (over night) 17th Jan 2019

filming subs wanted. 17th January. location Worcester.

kinks to film but not limited to.

face slapping, sissification, cp, forced intox, foot worship, ball busting, cbt and many more.

£150 for 4 hours filming or £200 for over night. 

apply via website with ref as filming 17th jan. hoods welcome

I could say how I'm the most DOMINANT or the biggest SADIST. Truth is I started out into  small play, as an ex dancer my thoughts where I'd be more a sensual and flirtatious domme..... yet I experience more each day I am more than just a GODDESS, I'm a force of nature  that has a pull stronger than gravity.... and that folks is a fact of scienece and life. I have had my fare share of beauty and weak males willing to give all..... mentally stimulate me!!! keep me curious and I will keep you on your born path. WHAT GETS ME WET TODAY DOES'NT MEAN IT WILL GET ME WET TOMOOROW. I'm all about experiments and branching out. the less common and bizzar  your kinks the more likly you are to  catch my eye. I have a big heart and love for loyalty and submission and an even bigger love for anything TABOO. ....... ABOUT ME??? hmmmm I'd rather show you, words are for the weak.

6th Nov 2017
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5ft 4in (162cm)

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A relationship Being sub Bondage Caging Caning Cbt Chastity Collars Crying Domestic service Ds Feet Flogging Friendship Hair Hard labour Humiliation Japanese ropework Leather Masochism Pony play Prison scenarios Roleplaying Rope bondage Rubber or latex Sadism Schoolroom Sex Shackles and chains Shoes or boots Sm Spanking Suspension bondage Uniforms Watersports