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I am a very sexy French lady who is naturally very dominant. I love to humiliate men...

It started when I was a young girl and I became aware of the power I have over men.

And I love power!

Domination for me comes naturally, it's not something that I have to 'turn on', and when you're in my presence, you'll naturally submit after looking into my blue eyes.

I love trampling cocks, seeing a sub's hard cock being squished beneath my gorgeous heels brings a smile to my beautiful face.

And you want to see me smile, don't you?

I have built up a large collection of toys and floggers, including canes, whips  and love to have fun. I enjoy being creative and make every session exciting, stimulating, but also a little painful.

I am a sadistic bitch but I always look after my submissive, and I guarantee that the experience will be memorable for both of us.

I dare you to come and play with me...

16th Feb 2018
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