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Come confess and atone to Mistress

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45 mins £90

Per hour £150

Additional 30 mins £75

The phonetic pronunciation of my name, is L-ag-a-th-a as in Agertha with an L at the start. 

I see myself as the Priestess of kink, that wandering souls visit to confess their desires in the hopes of seeking fufillment.  

I enjoy my job, I will laugh, my ideas can be sadistic, I am just as at home with inflicting physical or mental humiliation.  But I equally love being that cause of your enjoyment, be that sissyfication or something harsh like ball busting.  

8th May 2017
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5 months ago
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Hazel and green
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5ft 9in (175cm)

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24 7 ds Abduction Anal sex Bastinado Being dom Being top Blindfolds Bondage Breathplay Caging Caning Cbt Chastity Collars Cross dressers Cross dressing Cuckolding Domestic service Ds Electricity Exhibitionism Feet Fire play Flogging Friendship Gags Hard labour Humiliation Japanese ropework Leather Leather bondage Masochism Master slave Nipple torture Objectification Poly relationships Pony carts Pony play Prison scenarios Roleplaying Rope bondage Sadism Schoolroom Shackles and chains Shoes or boots Spanking Sploshing Suspension bondage Tickling Uniforms Watersports Wax play