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Professional Dominatrix - Mistress Nichol - Manchester UK

I am Mistress Nichol from Manchester UK.  I am terribly kinky, awfully delicious and extremely sexual and sensual.  But is there more to me than a little leather and lace?

Of course there is.  I am also a writer, and currently, have several of my pieces around on the Internet.  I write for various websites, including several BDSM sites .. (yes, the kink is never far from my mind!)  

I am a practising Kickboxer and take pride in my figure and my curves.  I am not a skinny girl by any means, thankfully!!  I adore my hourglass figure and know exactly how to dress to accentuate my womanly curves, for your viewing pleasure only! 

The final piece of information I will give you about myself is I am, it’s fair to say, a bit of an expert when it comes to Psychology.  This put together with my highly tuned sensuality skills really do make me the absolutely ideal Mistress for anyone who is a little unsure or timid in any way, and like a finger to a glove to any seasoned sub.  Getting in your mind and understanding you and your desires are what I do best.  You will of course find this out for yourself… sooner or later. 

I look forward to playing with your mind AND your body.

9th Oct 2017
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