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Seductive, Vintage Mistress is ready to rule you!

Welcome to My erotic world of kink and debauchery! 
My name is Mistress Cristal, but you may address Me as "Mistress." I am the Goddess of your dreams & the Dominatrix of your nightmares... perfection, sadism & addiction in one beautiful body, guaranteed to turn you weak at the knees and salivating from the mouth. Your addiction to Me starts here, as you begin your journey into the erotic & exciting world of online Female Domination.

I provide submissive males with the opportunity awaken the darkest, weakest and most kinky side of their personality; allowing them to explore their kinky desires and erotic fetishes in an online environment, in confidence and with 100% discretion. Sessions are conducted via telephone, webcam, email & instant messenger; perfect for those who are not yet ready or are unable to serve a real-time Dominatrix.

With 18 years experience, I am fully skilled in the art of erotic Domination and Fetish Exploration. You will find Me to be strict, but fair, knowledgeable and open-minded. Anybody who is willing to approach with an open mind will find that they can experience their desires beyond their wildest dreams! 
A proud Manipulatrix; I  enjoy the thrill of weaving My web of control around you, without you even realising it. Once you do realise you are fully under My command; you will not want to escape. You will be too enamoured and enthralled to even contemplate it. Instead; you will be happy & willing to obey and do My bidding, eager to do whatever it takes to make your Mistress happy & proud.

If you are ready to take the plunge and capitulate to My desires, then I invite you to read through My site to begin your journey into total surrender. But be warned; I will expect you to offer yourself to Me completely and endure for My entertainment, without quandary.
It is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and crawl into Mine....

Am I in your dreams or am I in your nightmares? Does your dick twitch when you look at me? Is your mind filled with depraved thoughts of all the things I could do to you? Mistress is ready to turn those fantasies into reality..


I am Mistress Cristal, a busty, curvy sadistic Dominatrix & Vintage Goddess offering ONLINE DOMINATION & FETISH EXPLORATION VIA WEBCAM, SKYPE, PHONE & TEXT CHAT. 18 years experience, VERY open-minded and deliciously addictive! I enjoy giving submissive males the opportunity to explore their kinky, deviant side; in a safe and non-judgemental environment. I am 100% Dominant and never, ever switch. I believe in Female Supremacy and that men were born to be ruled by the Superior Female. 


I will help you to uncover and explore the kinky desires you've kept hidden for so long. A new purpose in life is to serve your Alpha Mistress as you embark on an exciting and erotic journey into the world of Female Domination and Fetish. 

Release yourself of your inhibitions and enjoy the freedom to be your true self as you broaden your sexual horizons and experience new heights of sexual pleasure. 

There is no vanilla here. Just kink, debauchery, and a world of dark erotica just waiting to be explored. Be warned though; I am a true sadist. I get off on your dedication, obedience and suffering.


Offer yourself to Me completely and endure for My entertainment. Begin your addiction to Me as you fall under My spell and under My control. It is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and crawl into Mine....

14th Jun 2015
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